Starting a Bead Accessories Business at Home

Beads and accessories making often starts as a hobby, but people with talent and a flair for salesmanship often switch from hobbyist to home-based business owner. However, because you make and sell accessories from your home, doesn’t mean that you made the crossover from hobbyist to businessperson.

Whether you’re a weekend dabbler or a full-time accessories designer, there’s money to be made from your skills. The secret to your success? Believe in your product, have a professional attitude toward your work, and learn to organize every business aspect of your craft.

The markets are many and hungry for originality, quality, and utility, not only for handcrafted, but for the designer’s insight and imagination. The most complicating factor is that, though there are many talented and highly motivated designers, they lack business know-how in successfully marketing their works and operating a home based business.

Video on How to Make Beaded Necklaces

Making a Simple Beaded Necklace

Like silver and gold jewelry, bead accessories never become obsolete as fashion items, and making them can be fun, low-capital, and profitable sideline or full-time business for the creative and industrious.

You can start your own bead jewelry business for as low as P1,500. This is all you will need to purchase your main tools – a pair of 2-in-1 pliers (P40) and a long-nose one (P40) – and several packs of beads and stones. To make a pair of earrings, in particular, you will only spend about P150 but you can it up to P750, giving you a clean profit margin of P500 to P600. On the other hand, it will cost you about P270 to make a bead necklace, but you can earn as much as P750 to P900 from it.

“What is good about this business is that you can put a 200 percent mark up. The is because the higher the price of the jewelry, the more the people would tend to value it,” says Em Mariano, a jewelry designer, trainer, and owner of FunDynamics, an arts-and-craft training company.

There are different bead-making techniques, such as looping, stringing, brooch-making, and knotting. For this project, the stringing technique will be used. It requires wire or string to hold the beads together.

All of the raw materials for making dangling earrings and necklaces can be bought at Divisoria, Manila, and at the Wellmanson Sewing Notion store in Quiapo, Manila.

Some Style Tips

  • When making bead accessories, it is important to always come up with sets consisting of both earrings and necklace.
  • Make your bead jewelry as unique as possible.
  • Learn the art of combining complementary colors for your bead stones.
  • If you are targeting Class A and B customers, use more sophisticated stones.
  • For student customers, use neon-colored beads and plastic beads.

Where To Market Your Creations

  • Put up an online site to promote your finished product. Include pictures and the prices of the items.
  • The give your jewelry strong customer appeal, you must know the latest trends in fashion and personal accessories. This will give you a clear idea of the materials, tools, and techniques for making the kinds of bead jewelry your prospective market needs.
  • Women from different market segments have different bead jewelry needs. Devise different marketing strategies for them accordingly.

Where to train:

Business Fundynamics
Telephone: (02) 717-3014
Mobile: 0919-4011308

Where to look for supplies:

Wellmanson Sewing Notion Inc.
22 Villalobos St., Quiapo Manila
Telephones: (02) 733-6270; (02) 734-4475

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