Starting a Business in Beadwork Accessories

Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another or to cloth using a needle and thread. Most beadwork takes the form of jewelry or other personal adornment, but beads are also used in wall hangings and sculpture.

Most cultures have employed beads for personal adornment. Archaeological records show that people made and used beads as long as 5,000 years ago. Beads have also been used for religious purposes as good luck talismans and as curative agents.

  • Wire comes in range of diameters, or “gauges” – the smaller the diameter the smaller the gauge. 16-gauge wire is heavier than 24-gauge wire. In this project, we will use craft wire, which is readily available in craft stores.
  • Craft wire is easy to use, inexpensive, and produces attractive results. Once you master the techniques, you may want to try the designs using sterling silver or gold-filled wire.
  • Wire has natural curve. Work with the curve for best results. If you bend the wire back and forth against the curve too many times, it will break. You will also get smoother spirals and loops by working with the curve.
  • Cut wire has sharp ends. Take time to smooth these ends with an emery board or cloth to prevent them from poking you or snagging clothing.
  • Beads are sized in millimeters be sure the beads you choose have holes large enough for the wires gauge you are using.

Estimated Investment Costs (in Php based on 2009 prices)

A. Necklace Materials and Tools:

  • Assorted beads – 10.00
  • Chain – 8.00
  • Head pin – 2.00
  • Jump ring – 4.00
  • 8-12 inch, 22-24 gauge half hard wire – 20.00
  • Hook and eye clasp – 10.00
  • Fabric to prevent rolling of beads -40.00
  • Needle nose or long nose pliers – 50.00
  • Round nose pliers – 50.00
  • Wire cutters – 50.00
  • Tape measure – 30.00
  • Scissors – 30.00
  • Estimated total investment costs  – P304.00

B. Earrings Materials and Tools:

  • Ball beads – P10 00
  • Head pin – 2.00
  • Metal cap – 2.00
  • Ear stud – 2.00
  • Metallic beads – 5 00
  • Ear nut – 1.50
  • French hook – 3.00
  • Fabric to prevent rolling of beads -40.00
  • Needle nose or long nose pliers – 50.00
  • Round nose pliers – 50.00
  • Wire cutters – 50.00
  • Tape measure – 30.00
  • Scissors – 30.00
  • Total – P275.50


a. Plain Loop/Simple Eye Loop

  1. Measure about 1/2″ of the wire from the last bead. With the long nose pliers, bend the wire at right angle.
  2. With round nose pliers, grasp the very end of the wire. Where you place the wire in the jaws will determine the loop size. Use the tip for tiny loop and the widest part of the jaw for a large loop.
  3. Use needle nose pliers to flatten and straighten the loop. It should sit at the center of the wire end. Leave the loop open.

b. Wrapped Loop

  1. Measure about 1.5″ of the wire. With the long nose pliers, bend the wire at right angle.
  2. Using a round nose pliers, position the jaws vertically in the bend.
  3. Bring the wire over the top jaw of the pliers.
  4. Keep the jaws vertical and reposition the pliers’ lower jaw snugly in the loop. Wrap the wire down and around the bottom of the pliers. This is the first half of a wrapped loop.
  5. Position the chain nose pliers’ jaws across the loop.
  6. Wrap the wire tail around the wire stem, covering the stem between the loop and the top bead.
  7. Trim the excess wrapping wire end press the end close to the wraps with chain nose or crimping fliers.

c. Flat Spiral

  1. Place the round nose pliers at the wire end and turn to make a loop.
  2. Grasp the loop firmly with the needle nose pliers. Gently turn the pliers clockwise, holding the wire flat with your fingers and feeding it into tight spirals.
  3. Continue until it reaches the diameter of your bead.

d. Chunky Necklace with Wrapped Beads

  1. Select the beads that you would like to wrap.
  2. Prepare the wire coil.
  3. Place the bead at the center of the coil. Bend the coiled wire until it covers the bead.
  4. For the other beads, insert the head pin on the hole of chain. Start from the middle.
  5. Open a jump ring and insert the toggle clasp then attach to the chain. Do the same to the other end.

e. Pearl Earrings

  1. Get the head pin. Place the metal cap in convex position then the ball bead followed by the metallic bead.
  2. Make an eye loop.
  3. Insert the French hook on the loop. Close the loop using the needle nose pliers.

Estimated Costing and Pricing

Based on 12 pieces average daily production.

1. Necklace:

  • A. Direct cost – P54.00
  • B. Indirect cost (labor, transportation, water, electricity, contingency) – 48.73
  • C. Production cost  (A+B) – 102.73
  • D. Product pricing (C+20%) – 123.28
  • Market price – P150.00 to P200.00

2. Earring:

  • A. Direct cost – P25.00
  • B. Indirect cost (labor, transportation, water, electricity, contingency) – 45.88
  • C. Production cost  (A+B) – 71.38
  • D. Product pricing (C+20%) – 85.66
  • Market price – P120.00 to P150.00

Registration Requirements

  • Business name registration (
  • Mayor’s/Business Permit (check your local municipality/city)
  • BIR TIN (

Technical Assistance (Training and Seminar)

  • DTI-CITC ([02] 942-0880/3974)

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