The Benefits of Going Organic

The organic industry, like its harvest in sweltering summer, is still growing despite the harsh economic climate.

This was shared by a group of green-minded entrepreneurs in a recent gathering of organic food producers at the EchoStore in Serendra Piaza, Taguig City.

Industry leaders and new converts to the green side brought fresh ideas to the table and offered insights to this cottage industry.

“It’s ever growing,” says Mara Pardo de Tavera, who started the organic buzz in the metro 15 years ago with her company, the Organic Galaxy. “People are now going for quality to get the full value of their money.”

And there’s room for 30 to 40 percent growth so far, she added.

“When people tell me … there’s a crisis, I really find it hard to believe, because every Sunday, people still buy like crazy,” she added, citing the number of people who flock to her Sunday Market on Legaspi Street, in Makati City.

Rosalina Tan, an organic fertilizer producer also for the last 15 years, shares the same sentiment, although she prefers to focus by region.

“Mommy Lina,” as Tan is fondly called, is the founder of the Organic Producers and Trade Association with nationwide organic farmer members.

She adheres to the organic marketing principle to “buy organic produce closest to the community and meet the local demand.”

“We want to concentrate on the regions and then in Manila,” Tan said.

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