Tips on How To Market Your Business

So many business ventures are established every day, thus making competition stiffer. It is necessary that you relentlessly promote your business, if you want it to survive.

Being able to launch your business successfully does not mean that you will be able to keep existing customers for granted. You must be able to continually satisfy your existing customers, while you are shedding blood, sweat, and tears in finding new clients.

Below are ways and means to promote your business:

  • Brochures. Brochures help showcase your products or services. Prepare attention-grabbing brochures. Use glossy or matte paper to print high quality images. Have them designed by a professional graphic artist. Make sure they are eye catching, and loaded with information on your products or services.
  • Websites. Nowadays, the internet has proven to be a very effective tool in promoting a business. Customers who are interested in your products or services will be able to search you through the internet. It also allows you to reach out to so many prospects. However, if your budget is not enough to create your own website, you may still promote online by using other sites. There are some websites that allow you to post your advertisement for free.
  • Cross-Promotions. You may collaborate with another business that compliments your product or service. If you are engaged in a party needs business, you may join forces with a caterer or a party planner. However, be cautious when selecting your partner. Cross promote only to businesses with good reputations, and make sure that you mutually benefit from the partnership.
  • Free Media Exposure. If you have a novelty product or service, you may contact the media to feature it. Try getting in touch with suitable television, cable, or radio shows. Some magazines and newspapers may also be interested.
  • Coupons or freebies. People love discounts or freebies. If you want to drive customers to your business, you may conduct bargain sales. During this time of recession, customers would want to stretch their budget, thus, giving discounts would surely be appreciated.
  • You may also want to give free samples to potential customers. This may mean an additional expense to your company, but studies show that many customers buy products after being able to try using first a sample product.
  • Newspaper Advertisements. Newspapers generally have two types of ads: classified ads and the display ads. The display ads will help you feature your products or services. For your ads to be successful, you must decide on the size, content, position, and frequency of release. Know also the different kinds of ads.
  • You may want to run “coupon ads” which gives discounts to those who would clip and present your advertisement when they avail your products or services. “Information ads” on the other hand, may focus on your company, or may highlight any of your offerings. It must be written more like an article rather than an advertisement. “Sales ads” is another way to reach the prospective buyers by publicizing when your store will have a markdown sale.
  • Events or Trade Shows. Events and trade shows are usually well promoted, and thus attended by many potential buyers. Most of those who participate here are rival companies. Customers attend them because they will be able to select among the products or services displayed during these exhibits. Joining these events or expos is very costly because you have to spend on the space rental, design and construction of your booth display, lighting, banners, and free items to give to attendees. However, joining events or expos gives you an opportunity to boost your brand and product visibility, which may eventually lead to sales.
  • Contests. Holding contests generate high traffic to your business. A very good example is when some malls or supermarkets give free raffle tickets if their customers are able to purchase items at a certain amount. Some contests usually give lavish prizes like brand new cars. But a small business can give lesser items with good effect as long the items are useful and not easily broken.

There are countless ways to market your business. Yet, the best form of promoting your business is free—existing clients’ referrals. If you satisfy your customers, they will tell everyone their experience. So while you are busy promoting, never neglect the quality of your product or service.

Author: Mr. Ruben P. Anlacan, Jr., President, BusinessCoach, Inc.

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