Vacuum Fried Jackfruit Processing

The vacuum fried jackfuit is a nutritious snack item from ripe jackfruit pulp that is yellow to golden brown. It is sweet and crunchy. It is processed at low temperature (below 100°C) under vacuum thereby maintaining its sensory and nutritional qualities. It has no added sugar and preservatives. It is the only vacuum fried jackfruit product in the market that uses ripe pulp.

  1. Slice open the ripe jackfruits and take out the pulp by separating the seeds and the rags.
  2. Blanch 20 kg of the pulp in boiling water until the pulp turns soft to touch (67 kg of fresh jackfruit will yield around 20 kg pulp).
  3. Let the blanched jackfruit to cool. Then pack in polypropylene bag and freeze.
  4. The following day, take out the frozen jackfruit pulp. Deep fry in frying chamber. The vacuum pump will be turned on to reach the required vacuum of 25 inch Hg or higher. The frying operation per batch is 2.5 hours at 90°C.
  5. Place the fried product inside a clean sackcloth and centrifuge for 7 minutes.
  6. After centrifuging, allow to cool and pack in 0.004-inch thick polypropylene bags at 50 g net weight. One batch could yield 120 bags.
  7. Store packed products inside a wooden screen cabinet in a cool dry place.


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